PJ’s and Pasta!

Linguine Alfredo with Pan Seared Sea Scallops

Linguine Alfredo with Pan Seared Sea Scallops

So Friday night was girl’s night. We had an old-fashioned sleepover! Hey, you’re never too old to sleepover with ladies. Anywho, I was on to cook. I had the ladies help with the preparation of the ingredients. It was fun cooking together! But the scallops were all mine (insert sinister laugh here). There was nothing difficult or special about the dish. I just enhanced the store-bought garlic alfredo by sautéing chopped garlic and shallots. I then added the sauce (2 jars for one box of pasta), turned the heat down, put the lid on, and let it simmer until ready to plate; the simmering thickens the sauce. While the sauce was simmering I sautéed the julienned red peppers and set them to the side. Then we began to make the pasta (the water had been boiling from the start). While the pasta was boiling I began pan-searing the scallops. I did research on how to properly sear them and found the key was getting the pan nice and hot. Use butter and let it brown a little before adding the scallops. Let the scallops get a nice a color before turning and just simple season with salt and pepper. But I also used a little Old Bay seasoning. We added the peppers and fresh chopped parsley and pasta to the sauce. I plated the pasta in the center of the plates, place the scallops on top and voila!

Let me say that thought simple, this pasta was AMAZING! Using the fresh ingredients kicks it up a notch, giving it a more restaurant-like quality. The scallops were sweet and perfect. It was just GOOD!

This dish was so good that I wanted the same exact dish the next day. Only this time I challenged myself to make fresh pasta. I found a simple recipe online. Now I must say that I had to do it twice. The first attempt went south. But I started over and the second attempt was a grand slam. It was fun making my own pasta; you could really taste the difference. Now that I know how to make pasta, I’m going to try my hand at making hand-made ravioli in the near future. Oh, and the pasta recipe I used was from Chef Mario Batali from the Food Network website. Here’s the pic of the seafood alfredo with the hand-made pasta:



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